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The annual Geminid Meteor Shower will rain down on Earth this weekend and will be viewable in Vietnam at around 1am on December 14.
Say hello to Sticky, the worlds second biggest Insect recently discovered in Vietnam. Article published by Saigoneer, Dec'14.
Residents of Cu Lao Cham (Cham Isle) have chosen to show their love of their land by refusing to use plastic bags. Article by VietNamNet Bridge, Dec' 14.
Air Asia have always been a friend to sports travellers and kiteboarders with a great luggage policy. Now they go one step further. Article published by Saigoneer, Nov' 14.
AHI Co. Ltd throws its annual Surf and S.U.P showdown. Article written by AllAboutMuine, photos courtesy of Tricktography and Pascal Lefebvre
Having discovered this amazing cave system, the powers that be have plans to move in with a tourist cable car system.  Article by Thanh Nien News,15th Nov'14

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Manta Sail Training Center
50 minutes ago
Test drives - sailing and SUP

Sail training with 71 kids last Wednesday
Manta Sail Training Center
50 minutes ago
Test drives - sailing and SUP

Sail training with 71 kids last Wednesday
Manta Sail Training Center
50 minutes ago
Sailing skills on the beach - different types of balance - other sail training activities inside to ensure no overcrowding etc. BIG thanks to ISHCMC and AsiaMotions for their support.

Sail training with 71 kids last Wednesday
Indigo @ Xin Chào Hotel
3 hours ago
Sunday roast tomorrow @ Indigo restaurant !
Starting from 18.30.
Starter :Veg Soup
Main: Roasted chicken, Steamed vegetables, Gravy and Yorkshire puddings.
Dessert: Choco Brownie or choco mousse

2 course 150 k
3 course 180 k

Happy days!
Mia Resort Mui Ne
5 hours ago
Mia Christmas Celebration
Download full festive season menu @

Jibe's Beach Club
8 hours ago

Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes & Black Olives 75k
-Main Course:
Minced Chicken Breast in Wholegrain Mustard Sauce, Served with Gratin Dauphinois & Mixed Salad 120k
Pancake Filled with Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk Jam Sauce, Whipping Cream & Cacao Powder 130k

=>Set Menu 1 : Starter + Main Course =175k
=>Set Menu 2 : Main Course + Dessert =225k
=>Set Menu 3 : Starter + Main Course + Dessert =280k


Jibe's Beach Club
9 hours ago

A Force 10 Adventure

3 fat storms above 10 Beaufort, 10 sailors, and the entire planet as a stage. These are the breathtaking ingredients for the most challenging windsurfing contest of all time. To guarantee raging conditions, Red Bull Storm Chase is mobile to the max, with two waiting periods and just 48 hours to mobi…
Manta Sail Training Center
11 hours ago